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Micromind Sold Ten Months Young Website Design for USD $30,000 to USA Based News Company

Micromind Sold Ten Months Young Website Design for USD $30,000 to USA Based News Company

After one week of discussion and negotiation, Micromind Technologies (www.micromindonline.com) finalized a deal of its 10 months young entertainment website for USD $ 30,000 with a USA based News Company today on 26th Feb 2017. Micromind has been in IT services since its inception and has worked for many clients for their development and maintenance projects. But this was the first time Micromind expanded its horizons towards selling their own products/web designs.

This web-design by MicroMind was enriched with many astounding functionalities though it was delivering page speed rank of 85/100 on desktop and 92/100 on mobile. In additions to that, inbuilt SEO and social media debugger are some of the functionalities we were attracted with. Our persons tried to play with security vulnerabilities of the website for more than a week before finalizing this deal but they were never succeeded. This was just to check how secure the web-design is.

We were interested neither in the domain on which this website was hosted nor in the website contents. Website was equipped with entertainment related contents and we are a news company. We have our own website but we were looking for a design which is equipped with the latest security technologies and functionalities. We found everything we were looking for in Micromind’s Web-Design. We found much more!

– The Buyer said

As a part of its contract, Micromind has to deploy this web-design on the client’s domain with migration of all its existing contents. At the same time, Micromind will provide support for next 3 months for smooth transition to the new design. Though Micromind has not provided re-selling rights to its client and also kept some coding controls private. Client may use the domain for their own purpose or design may be deployed on its own domain. After successful execution of this contract, Micromind will not be able to use this domain.

Apart from being in IT services segment, we have many websites for our own portfolio and business. But we had never thought about selling them. This deal was special for us because it has motivated us towards a new horizon of product selling.  

-Mr. M. D. Parsana (Founder-Micromind)

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